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We asked 181 event managers about their insights and experience with event management during the pandemic. Learn how the whole industry shifted and what to expect from the second half of 2021 and beyond.

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“Every crisis is an opportunity to do things better”

Roman Mastalir

CEO of Eventee

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We surveyed 181 event managers all around the world and we are ready to share with you what we have learned.

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The event industry report based on feedback from 181 experts

Our technology webinars and training sessions are in a unique position as Covid-19 has pushed us to break new ground in finding new ways to excel. Eventee is one such valuable tool in our arsenal.

The Pandemic was a great boost to online events. Be creative to get participants engaged.

Let's work together to build sustainable, lasting connection online as we engage in post-pandemic future.

Even after the event industry can return to how it was, we hope that organisations still livestream their events to a high quality so audiences from all over the world, not just in the physical venue, can benefit from them.

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